Thursday, July 17, 2008

We love the Northern Oregon Coast

After our July 5th wedding in Chico, Jake and I packed our bags, loaded the truck and headed North for cooler weather, cleaner air, fresh seafood and relaxation. The result was all of that and more! Here are a few photos of the cool Oregon coast where we rented a house for the week, the green grass with my favorite Holstein cows and of course our $98 clamming adventure. The photo to the right is the view from our beachfront rental home in Cape Meares, Or. Enjoy as we did! ~mrs. c

Jake spent some quality time surf fishing.

And while I would love to say that these lovely delicacies were the result of our time in the water, the truth is we found a great seafood market that sold these by the dozen. And yes they knew us by first name by the end of our week long adventure.
Nothing is more beautiful than black and white bovine on green grass - BEAUTIFUL!
A day trip to Astoria took us across the Columbia River on this bridge into the Washington.
I wish our view at lunch could look like this everyday!

And how cool is a community that houses their Chamber of Commerce in a cute red barn.

And while Jake attended to more fishing...
I took some time to do some beach combing.
And like all newlyweds, we attempted to take pictures of ourselves. Not bad I thought.

And one of the really great treasures of the Oregon Coast are the numerous light towers. This one happens to be in the community where we rented our vacation home, Cape Meares.

Wouldn't it be cool if all California dairies could look this lush? However I am sure some California animal rights activist would consider this some sort of abuse. Yet another reason to consider relocating. I mentioned the clamming adventure. Well here is Jake in action with his rake in the ocean. The tide was low a few of the days we were there making the conditions perfect for clamming. however experts we were not. And by the time we figured it out, the tide had come back and we were left to buying them at the market.
Nonetheless, we worked hard for these six beauties.
Official Calm Shovel - $24
Real Clam Rake - $26
Two shellfish baskets that clip to your waist - $18
Five Gallon bucket to bring home our treats - $6
Two Oregon State Fishing license -$24
Total - the most expensive clam appetizer ever made!
...but we had fun!

And being the good farm kids that we are, of course we stopped to take few photos of the antique tractors.

And I just thought he was cute!

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