Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our One Month Anniversary!

Can you believe it? Where does the time go? Yesterday, August 5th made one month that we have been married. And a quick month it was. We celebrated our anniversary by of course working our day jobs but we ended the evening at the ballpark in Sacramento. Thanks to a Butte County Farm Bureau outing, Jake joined me and a few of my Board of Directors and their wives to watch a game and live the good life in a Suite at a River Cats game in Sacramento. The River Cats lost to Memphis but we had a good time - even if a six pack of beer was $43 - delivered to our Suite of course. You would think they would feel bad charging people that much for beer. However when you pay $7 for a hot dog, the $6.25 beer is a bargain. And you have to have it. I mean you are at a ball game - anything else would be un-American. We also dined on the finest peanuts and popcorn. Jake on the other hand found sticking peanuts in his nose was much more entertaining than eating them. I tried to take a picture but he moved to quick.
Next up, Jake will celebrate the big 3-5 on Friday, August 8 and we are headed to Tule Lake for the weekend. I will be sure to capture a few snapshots to share with all of you upon our return. In the meantime, if you talk to or see Jake ask him about the Cheesecake Empanadas he had for dessert at the ball park. Why you ask? Let's just say one man's loss is another man's gain. For the whole story you will just have to talk to Jake. Thanks for reading. ~mrs. c

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