Monday, September 1, 2008

Just another weekend...

As I write this entry today, it is Labor Day and while I should be cleaning house, because that is what I planned to do today, I decided to take a break from the grime and post an entry. Jake is at work. Not really a big surprise as it is harvest time and as we all know crops and cows still have to be cared for even when the rest of the world is on holiday.

The weekend has been pretty low key and we needed a low key weekend. Friday got off to a stressing start as my work laptop decided to crash - something about the mother board? Sounds like a alien space term but nonetheless, I was without a computer and the verdict on the "one year old device, really good quality" laptop is that it would have to be returned to the company for repair. "What? I am going to be without my computer?" I don't think so. You see I purchased my computer from a local company. This was good idea number one. I also purchased their three-year "we'll take care of it if it breaks" plan. This was good idea number two. So the computer is covered under warranty and the local company I bought it from is providing me with a replacement and they are loading all of my program and files on to it. I have to pick it up today (I guess computer guys don't believe in holidays either?) but I am sure the loaner lap-top will be better than the alternative - no laptop! So if you are ever in Chico and need a good computer place, check out PCI Computers. The guys in there are very responsive, pretty quick to get me answers to my problems, (even after I threw a little fit) and they are funny!

Moving on to Saturday, not much here. I had a little yard sale in the morning. I got rid of some clothes and kitchen wares and made a few extra bucks. I took the extra bucks and went and bought my husband some new work pants - Tractor Supply here we come! You see, I sold all of the old ones at the yard sale. Of course they we all to small and had to go. I guess I can cook since he now wears a size bigger.

Jake had to work on Saturday but was able to accomplish all of his tasks by about 1 pm and came home. He proceeded to assume the position and took a three hour nap!

As I mentioned earlier, Jake has been busy with harvest so "Colleen time" has been limited. He did however make up for it Saturday night when he took me to dinner. And better yet, he had to talk to me while we ate. You see Jake has this habit of needing a newspaper or magazine or book when he is eating at a restaurant. But not this time. I really think he forgot to bring something but I will take it as he really did want to spend time with me!

Another business plug if I may. Jake is a food snob. Yes a harsh statement to make but true. There are not many restaurants that he will dine in once let alone twice. So this time I got to choose and I was really excited to take him Original Pete's. Nothing fancy - Jake is not fancy. But I thought this place offered some pretty good home-cooked kinda food with a ton of Italian influence. Now I know this is a chain restaurant but I was really excited to take Jake because I knew he would be able to find something on the menu to make him happy and consider a return visit.

And I was right! I think the selling point of our evening was our service. Our server was excellent! She smiled, was happy and accommodating. And she really liked her job. Jake said she was by far the best server he has had in a long time! Moving on to the food. Gotta love a place that serves beer by the pitcher. And it was cold. Also very important. Next up appetizers. Jake and I love seafood and we love calamari. Granted it was fried but who was counting calories. Not me even though I should have been. Home run number two. Jake loved it and there was nothing left. Of course all good restaurants serve a nice salad with their entrees. Fresh greens and loaded with garbanzo and kidney beans. Yummy! As you can imagine, we did as most and loaded up before our entrees arrived. That's okay though. We ate some and took the rest home. Lasagna (Jake's choice) and cheese tortellini with mushroom and Gorgonzola sauce (this was luscious and my choice) will heat well on Sunday for lunch.

All in all a great evening with my husband!

Sunday usually starts out the same. Reading the paper in bed, fighting over the Food Network and Car shows and for breakfast, bagels and cheese . After this traditional lounging, Jake did have an hour or so of work to complete. So while he was changing irrigation water and checking sprinklers, I cleaned up around the inside of the house. When he returned we mowed the lawns, and called it a day. Granted it was only 11am but we had done enough for Sunday. We went to Patty's for a few minutes, headed to Tractor Supply for those new work pants and came home to the couch. Gotta love a Sunday on the couch. Only thing that would have made it better is if we got some Preseason NFL on our local stations. I am so excited for the regular season to start this Thursday! Woo Hoo Go Niners!

It was obviously my lucky weekend as Jake offered to make dinner. It was also - let's try all the new things we got as wedding gifts - dinner. This included the food processors (large and mini), the new cutting boards and the ice cream machine. Jake fried up some bread clams, zucchini and summer squash and cream cheese won tons. I was in charge of the green salad and the homemade vanilla and toasted almond ice cream. The only negative of Jake making dinner (and I say this with all my love) he makes the biggest mess and does not do dishes. But I love him!

With that said, I am going back to the household chores. Thanks for reading. ~mrs. c

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