Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who needs cat toys!

Yes, this is our Festus or as Jake would say, "his cat" as opposed to my cat Mo who does not spend too much time indoors since the arrival of Festus. I will probably be one of those parents who takes the most random pictures of their children doing the strangest things. But for now I will just practice on the pets. I remember my mom always wondering why she bought us toys since we found so much more entertainment in pots, pans, and laundry baskets. These photos are proof that the same logic works for pets too!

Festus kept himself entertained with this bag for quite some time last night and graciously posed for these photos. I do apologize for the quality. I took them with the cell phone.

Needless to say he is pretty cute! At least we think so. ~mrs. c

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