Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Better than I expected - I guess?

It's no secret that I record Oprah on my DVR everyday. I don't watch all the shows; I pick and choose if I am interested in a topic - fashion, new movie or gadgets maybe. But today she addressed Proposition 2. Working in agriculture my email inbox has been pumped with emails describing what I was gong to see on the show, who said what and a few message points just in case the media called for comment.

So I took up residence on the couch this evening and watched the back and forth dialogue (commercial free of course) of Wayne from the Humane Society, the organization behind Prop 2 and a pretty good mix of farmers and ranchers who speak like me. Sure Wayne was polished and slick but I commend the men and women of the farms represented for their honest opinions.

And Kudos to Oprah kinda. I was really worried about the show considering what she did to the beef industry a few years back. However she did tell everyone to make their own decision. Better yet, she pointed out what opponents (that's me and hopefully you) have been saying about this poorly written initiative - what about the economics? In this economy, can folks in California afford to feed their families free range eggs? And lets not forget, California's farmers will be put out of business because they won't be able to compete with imports from neighboring states and countries that don't have the same restrictions.

I could write on this topic and create pages of blog dialogue but I won't today. I'll just say this. I believe in what California and American farmers do everyday - feed the world. Prop 2 will take that away. Thanks for reading. ~mrs. c

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  1. Great Job! I too saw that episode of Oprah... funny what you can find time for when the kids go to sleep and the dads go to Monday Night! Though I was disappointed not to see a CA egg farmer among the panel, the show was done well. They mentioned that the "price of free range should go down with an increase in sales", however they failed to mention that there would be a much smaller supply for the increase in demand... which would cause the prices to increase even more. Our decision is still... No on Prop 2.



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