Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A little down time...

Harvest has concluded and my husband is a much happier person these days. He's even laughing again. I forgot how much I missed his random and sometimes twisted personality. But no worries...its back!

However just because harvest is over, does not mean our lives slow way down. Quite the contrary. Okay truth be told maybe Jake slows down but his wife (that's me!) is still going 100 miles an hour. And yes this frustrates Jake but he knows that I love it and I am really trying to create a balance between work, my volunteer obligations and spending lots of quality time with my him.

This last weekend brought some of that much needed quality and quiet time. After a week of contemplating heading up to Lake Almanor for the weekend, we finally elected to head out early on Saturday for a quick getaway.

Good friends of ours, Amy and Stacy Gore had invited us to join them on a weekend camping adventure as they too were looking to escape after a lengthy harvest. As I mentioned before we wanted to go but could think of the millions of things that we really needed to do at the house over the weekend. You should see the grass. We are going to need a small herd of goats or a harvester soon!

So how cute is my husband pushing little Jonathon Patrick Gore. I think I can see him pushing a stroller for us someday. And by the way, no time soon, but someday we too will have a stroller to push.

Is he the cutest kid or what! Obviously takes after his mommy Amy.

We should of headed out Friday night but I got home to late and we had not packed a thing. But on Saturday Jake packed some food and adult beverages. I packed some clothes and jackets and we headed North.

We arrived at the campsite and spent the rest of the day enjoying the company of our great friends, playing a fun board game (Wineopoly - we highly recommend it) and barbecued an assortment of tri-tip and sausage for dining on. Of course if you travel with Jake and I you will know that we are never with out food. The ice chest had a selection of cheeses, crackers, salsa, and chips. We were not going hungry.

Jake and I do not have the snazzy travel trailer that Amy and Stacy do for camping in. However we are very fortunate to have our great friends Tim and Judy Merrill who gave us the keys to their cabin in Lake Almanor. After our evening by the campfire we headed to the cabin.
On Sunday morning, we slept in because it was so quiet. I lounged on the couch as Jake went to go and get a Sunday paper. After leisurely reading through that, we gathered our things and headed back to big Chico. Along the way we stopped to appreciate a few of the sites. A tree just bursting with the colors of fall and a cute buck looking for some food. And he even posed for this picture.

It was nice to get away even if it was overnight. Now its back to work. ~mrs. c

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