Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Sunday made three months for Jake and I. He thinks I am a nut for reminding him each month that another 30 or 31 days have passed since we were married. In fact his favorite comment is, "seems like it has been 50." Ha Ha. Nonetheless it has been busy. Probably why I have not updated the blog. I have great intentions. I have even taken some pictures but as luck would have it, I am at the office and the camera is at home. Maybe I will get pictures up tomorrow. You are probably thinking, "at the office updating her blog and not working?" Well yes but I needed a break from the 22 page Agricultural Enhancement Report I am reading to prepare for the next meeting on the County's General Plan Update. Let me tell you, this is riveting stuff!

Jake is up to his eyeballs in walnut harvest. Lucky for him, we got a little rain over the weekend. While he thought this was an inconvenience (and it was) that slowed him down, it forced him to take a break and spend sometime on the couch napping on Sunday. He's grouchy when he does not have enough sleep. And they say women need their beauty sleep.

That is about it for now. Enjoy the sun and the cooler temps. And thanks for reading! ~mrs. c

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