Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Favorite

Just a quick entry. So my husband has left me home alone for the next few days while he participates in some manly hunting adventure in Utah. He left bright and early this morning and I must admit I am sad.

But, them I remembered that tonight I would get to watch the Country Music Awards uninterrupted on the big screen TV as I would have control of the remote. So after a long day of work I came home, made myself a healthy microwave diet dinner, put on one of Jake's sweatshirts and assumed the position on the couch.

And then the camera panned to the front row and there he was - George Strait. There is just something about this man and many of you, my dear friends, will agree - he is HOT! And I know he is the same age as my dad. Whatever! I think they created Wranglers for him. So tonight, I will sit here on the couch, smiling from ear to ear, enjoying the sounds of the Country Music Awards and awaiting Mr. Straits live performance. And by the way, he won the first award of the evening, Single of the Year for "I Saw God Today."

Tonight I will dream of George. Tomorrow I will be sad again until my real true love comes home from his hunting trip. Thanks for reading! ~mrs. c

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