Sunday, November 23, 2008

What is in your freezer?

I thought I might give a glimpse of the last week. Probably easier to work backwards since I can remember what I did this morning. So it's Sunday and as we often do, Jake and I and of course Festus, are on the couch. Jake is watching a movie while I type this and Festus is sleeping so at 4am he can run around the house and wake Jake up. This drives Jake crazy but if we are ever going to have kids I guess he better get used to it.

So I just returned from the Downtown Chico Christmas Preview - hundreds of people strolling the streets of Chico while children dance and carolers sing. Mrs. Amy Gore invited me to join her and baby Jonathon for the festive stroll through town. The only thing really limiting me from getting into the holiday spirit was the weather - it really isn't cold. But I did have a candy cane!

Earlier today Jake and I met Amy and Stacy and of course Jonathon in Oroville for lunch. Oroville you might ask? We had to run by my office and Jake wanted to look at some travel trailers he saw for sale. And being the super-duper husband that he is, he even went into a few downtown shops with me.

We started with grand intentions and plans on Saturday - maybe a road trip to Redding or dinner at the casino in Oroville - but we scaled way back and only ventured to the Farmers Market and into Walmart. This in itself was a challenge! Walmart is crazy on Saturdays; especially before a holiday! Later that night we tried a local restaurant - Sicilian Market - and it was really good and reasonably priced. So much so that we even hit Baskin Robbins on the way home for a little ice cream.

While I am at it I should probably wish my sister Chrissy at Happy Birthday. Today she is 32! And more congratulations to her and my brother-in-law Tim as they will celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary on Tuesday.

The rest of the week was really boring with one exception. And I wish I had pictures but you can blame this one on Jake. He has been craving to go hunting and he finally did on Thursday. The result was a big bear. Yes my husband shot a bear - legally of course. He had a tag. So in a few weeks we will have some bear steaks, sausage and pepperoni sticks. However, my husband brought me proof of his kill - a paw. Where is it you might ask? In the freezer. Not exactly what I had in mind but as long as it doesn't smell and I don't see it, I guess it can stay for a while. And if you come to visit, he can take it out of the freezer to show you. Some people keep a rabbit foot for good luck. Jake needed something a little bigger I guess. Thanks for reading! ~mrs. c

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