Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eating with our eyes...

They say we eat with our eyes and my trip to the Saturday morning Farmer's Market in Chico may just prove it.
The market was drooling people - young and old - all of whom good not resist the opportunity to bask in the warm sunshine of the Spring April Day. I was there before 10 am so the serious shoppers had already made their rounds. The crowd I mingled with enjoyed chatting with friends and catching up with lost acquaintances.
I think I only ran into one person I knew today. Jake laughs at me when I go to town and run into people I know. I have lived for two and a half years and him for probably seven. He can go into town and see no one he knows. Me on the other hand, always sees someone I know. This is not bad. It just proves that as big as Chico thinks it is, it is still a small town where everyone knows someone. And to tell you the truth, its this exact reason I really enjoy living in a farming community. We in the agricultural community are just a little more down to earth and willing to demonstrate, without hesitation, courtesy.
Today is exactly the reason I love living in California and being Californian!


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