Monday, August 31, 2009

Super Hubby!

I am a lucky girl! I have a husband who HATES to go shopping but because I have been in a funk because Chico has no good maternity clothing shops and nothing I own fits anymore, he took me to Roseville to buy some new clothes that do fit.

Not only do these clothes fit, they are actually cute and make me look pregnant as opposed to just chubbier than I was before I got pregnant. However the best part of the day was he wanted to go because he knew it was important to me.

The Galleria at Roseville is enormous and no place for a man who's wardrobe consists of button down shirts, Wranglers and of course cargo shorts that compliment his lace-up work boots on those 100+ degree Chico summer days. It really is sexy - trust me. Despite Jake's limited wardrobe that I do love, he ventured into Gap and Destination Maternity. He went one step further and even whipped out his wallet to help in purchasing my new mommy-to-be wardrobe. I didn't even have to ask, he insisted.

It was at Destination Maternity that Jake found he could be a little more comfortable as this stores caters to its customers (and it should considering what these clothes cost!). For the daddy-to-be there are two large leather chairs that are seated directly in front of a 42" flat screen TV programmed to none other than, ESPN. Brilliant!

While he will never understand the method we women use to effectively scour a clearance rack and the excitement that comes over us when we know we got a really good deal, Jake went along with it, rolling his eyes of course.

The Galleria was not without its male attractions. Let's be honest, Jake could lose track of time in the Sears tool department. And we made a stop there too since we had made the drive.

We ended our day trip to Roseville with a late lunch and I even drove home so Jake could rest his eyes on the way back. Jake is a FABULOUS husband and after days like this, I am even more confident he is going to be a wonderful father. And he's is really excited about that new job title too!!

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  1. What a good man! Of course the T.V. tuned to ESPN sure didnt hurt! Hope you are feeling good Colleen and enjoy the new wardrobe!



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