Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby Einstein Gym is a must have!

Thank you Nicole Johansson! So who is Nicole and why am I thanking her on a post that starts with a picture of a baby toy? The fact is that Nicole turned us on to the Baby Einstein play gym series. She told us that her son loves the mat but loves the star the makes music and lights up even more. So much more that the star always leaves the house with them on road trips.
So we bought a Baby Einstein play mat - the Around the World version - and so far we are more than pleased. I just hope the musical globe holds up. I have read so many reviews and they are more negative than positive on the life of the globe. Clayton is only six weeks old as I write this but he is captivated by the star and enjoys his time on the mat.
As for Nicole, she is a professional colleague of mine and a mom. This toy got her "mommy" approval and mine too!

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