Friday, May 7, 2010

Attention Whole Foods Shoppers - By Robert Paarlberg | Foreign Policy

Attention Whole Foods Shoppers - By Robert Paarlberg Foreign Policy

I was recently at a meeting where there was discussion about the differences in various methods of farming - conventional, organic, natural, etc. I think there is room for all of them - just depends on what works for your operation and what you believe in.

This article was brought to my attention on Facebook and I thought I would like to share it with others who might read my blog. I think its worth a read and presents yet another side. It spends a lot of time defending conventional agriculture. I wish we did not have to do this but over the past decade, conventional farming has been criticized to benefit organic and natural production.

Rather than pitting one against another, we should embrace them all but with the media we have today, that is impossible.

You can make your own opinion. I know for me and my family we buy California Grown as a standard. I don't buy organic unless its priced accordingly. Additionally I don't believe organic has increased nutritional value as some perceive. Food is food people! And I also take responsibility for my own health and wash my food and handle and cook meat appropriately to avoid contamination from bacteria. In other words I take responsibility for my food choices and the outcomes. Some may shutter but this is what has made me who I am and I am pretty satisfied with that. Thanks for reading. ~mrs. c

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