Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dad's Day

So I dressed him accordingly, "I Love Dad" onesie. It started with a couple Dad's Day cards and a few presents. Dad read his paper and then decided he wanted to go out to breakfast. Yes! Love Sunday morning breakfast. Problem was everyone else had the same idea we did. Truth be told we don't enjoy the "wait" for breakfast. Not to worry, we went to Plan B. Jake decided that Mexican Food and lunch would be better than breakfast so we made our Sunday trip to Costco for a few essentials - TP and paper towels before the restaurant opened. This strategy proved to be a winner because La Hacienda opened up at 11am and we rolled into the parking lot at 10 minutes before that. No wait for this hungry Dad and his wife! The food was fresh and the service was quick and friendly.

What did the rest of the day hold for this 1st Father's Day for Jake? Quality time on the couch, a few movies, the last 25 laps of the race and a few chapters in a book. And he got to do all of this with me and Clayton. We were together all day - just how we like our Sunday's!
Can you believe it? Clayton is five months old today. We are so blessed. I love my two guys. ~mrs. c

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