Friday, January 21, 2011

His and Her Weekends

If there is anything I have learned about marriage, its the need to compromise on anything and everything. This includes travel too. However taking me away for the weekend to a room with a view is not a difficult arm twisting event.

The view from the room at sunrise.
The first weekend in January, Jake loaded up with me and Clayton and ventured to Napa for the California Women for Agriculture Annual Meeting. First of all he is not a lover of wine and secondly, I was going to be in meetings most of the weekend which means he was on Daddy duty. The good news is he loves Daddy duty and he even loves many of my CWA sisters. However his patience and support in Napa meant I was going to have to go along for the ride on a manly trip. And gladly I went.

Fresh steamed dungeness crab from the Pacific Ocean

Last weekend we ventured to Fort Bragg for some fresh seafood and coastal air. Jake was invited to hit the water for an early morning crabbing trip. He was on the boat and I got to be Mommy all day. And a great day it was. A great breakfast at a local favorite, Eggheads Restaurant and then perusing the local shops.

Clayton and I caught Jake just as the boat was coming in so we got to see the efforts of his labor before they took their steam bath. We hung out on the boat dock and waited for the water to boil and then got to taste the fresh catch. YUMMY!

Jake brought home ours uncleaned which means lots of work before we could dive in but it was worth the wait. Big green salads homemade Thousand Island dressing. Plus there was enough to put a few in the freezer for later this month.

In the end, Jake enjoyed some peaceful fishing on what turned out to be a great day on the water, brought home his limit, and spent a perfect weekend with me and Clayton. This compromise stuff is rocks! ~mrs. c

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