Sunday, February 6, 2011

Big Savings for your Valentine Day Cards...

If you have not purchased greeting cards for your Valentine yet - husband, mom, dad, grandma, best friend, sister, teacher, hairdresser - before you go to your favorite greeting card retail outlet, consider this today!

Here is the invitation I did for Clayton's Birthday.

Sometime I ago I was introduced to an online website to order invitations and stationary. The company and website, Tiny Prints, is a California company who is good at what they do if you ask me. I have since ordered Clayton's birth announcements, Christening invitations, Christmas Cards, business cards for Jake, and 1st birthday invitations.  
About six months ago, maybe longer, Tiny Prints introduced Greeting Cards to their line of products. These are not your run of the mill greeting cards. These are cards where you get to pick the card, add a picture or four, and write the greeting. And if you feel that you are not qualified to write those special messages inside a card, no worries, they have lots of suggestions for you to use. They will even put a stamp on it for you and mail to that special person. If you know me I am a sucker for a coupon and they offered me a coupon. If I signed up for their Greeting Card membership, I would get 3 cards free!! They had me at FREE. I could now order cards from my laptop at 3 AM (because I am a mom and that’s when I have time) and would never have to go to a store again to buy a card that cost more than the gift and really doesn’t say what I want it too.

So I signed up and I have not looked back. The quality of the paper is brilliant, the service is quick and they are adding new card designs all the time. Please note, you don't have to become a member to buy greeting cards. But why not - the first year of membership is free!

So there is a reason for my post today other than me to tell you about Tiny Prints; they have a FABULOUS offer that expires tomorrow and I think anyone who has not purchased their Valentines should do this today! The offer is this - all Valentine Day Cards are $.99 still 2/7 when you use the code LUV99. When was the last time you bought a greeting card for $.99?

Need some encouragement? Listen to this. I ordered my cards at 11 AM yesterday morning from the comfort of my home computer and at 1:54 PM I received an email from Tiny Prints that said my order had shipped! And because Tiny Prints is in California, I will probably have my cards on Monday. Now if you live a little further away, you may not get them the next day but if you order today, they will get them to you before the 14th!

Check it out. I promise you will not be disappointed. They have great customer service too. I did have an order get lost and they very quickly reprinted the cards at no additional cost. Hey things happen but they made it right.

I should also mention that I am not being compensated to tell you about Tiny Prints. They don’t even know I am telling you. I am doing this because like many of you I am a woman on a budget looking to get the best product for my money.

So what membership plan did I sign up for you ask? The Super Sender of course. All my greeting cards are $1.99 when they are not having a fabulous sale like they are today. And for more savings, check them out on Facebook. They are always posting special discounts and codes on their Facebook wall. Thanks for reading. ~mrs. c

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  1. I started using Tiny Prints a few days ago. I didn't make it to the first promotion they had, but I fell in love with all the designs and started creating cards. Today I ordered 3 more with their LUV99 promo code and am happier than ever! Who knew that I would become addicted to shopping online...let alone on greeting cards! I totally recommend this site too! BTW, I read your comment on Tiny Prints' FaceBook page...that's how I found this post. :) Hope you don't mind!



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