Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Dairy Princess circa 1991 (I think?)

This one is for you Wife of a Dairyman! And don't tell Kris Costa I posted this. Kris was the DP and I was her 1st Alternate for District 5/6. This is a picture from Princess Training. Great memories!

Yes that is me on the far right. Probably the last time I ever wore white heels. What was I thinking? 
I am so happy I could provide you all with a little giggle this morning. Cheers! ~mrs. c


  1. I love it!! Too adorable, you and Kris! I'll keep my alternate photos safely at bay, thank you. ;)

  2. Now this is a Wordless Wednesday! Love it. Great white heels for those great legs Colleen. Thanks for linking up!



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