Monday, May 2, 2011

Sowing Seeds as a Family

It's springtime in Northern California! And not a moment to soon. Other than my itchy eyes and constant sneezing, it's a wonderful time of year. With this fabulous weather does come some drawbacks for my family - a longer work week and more hours away from home for Jake and the rest of California's farmers who are busily prepping and planting fields that will soon produce food to feed the world.

Jake may spend his entire day working in the dirt, but he also relaxes by doing the same in our dirt, also known as our backyard.
Check out the onions. They have been in the ground since November.

You are not seeing things. Yes this is an artichoke and yes it was grown in Chico and not Castroville.

Clayton was trying to help dad plant some corn but lost his balance. That's okay, now he's covered in dirt. I am quickly learning that dirt is now an official part of Clayton's wardrobe.

Here is a picture for you Stacy Gore.

This is the herb garden. Well actually the herbs are at the top, the bottom is planted in more onions and some young rhubarb.

As you can see the weather on Sunday was beautiful! So perfect I decided we would not only cook dinner outside, we would eat it outside too!

Perfectly seasoned tri-tip, juicy chicken and sweet asparagus.

Throw in a few California strawberries and my little man loved his dinner.

Just how I like my tri-tip - pink in the middle!

Did I mention we had corn on the cob? California grown too! Also cooked outside on the grill's burner. It's still pretty early for corn but the flavor was tasty.

Throw in some warm bread and dig in!

When dinner was put away and there were no more seeds to sow, all that was left of our perfect day spent together was to relax and enjoy these moments that I am so very thankful for and blessed to call my life.

Thanks for reading. ~ mrs. c

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