Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Farmers Market Splurge

It may be Wordless Wednesday but I have a few words to share about my picture below. We are so very fortunate to have magnificent Farmers Markets here in Chico. Clayton and I often visit the Downtown market and this last Saturday was no different. However this Saturday I caved and spent a little more then normal. I usually spend $10-12 and take home great produce and some flowers.  

Check out the goods.

My Saturday morning bounty included:
1) The most beautiful bouquet of flowers for $5! Yes that's right $5 and it will make many small flower arrangements to spread throughout our house.

2) Two pounds of little red potatoes - $4. They are going to make a lovely potato salad.

3) One large red onion - $1

4) Green zucchini and yellow crook neck squash - $2. I have been craving some grilled zucchini however the plants in our garden have not started to produce heavily yet. Got one on Sunday. In the meantime I will purchase form the farmers market.

and 5) My SPLURGE - Local made lemon curd from the 2 English Ladies. These ladies have it dialed in. They suck you in with a sample. Then after you have tasted the lemon curd, they whip about another bottle to offer a taste of the orange curd. But wait, that's not all! A third bottle offers a hint of the lime curd. Heaven! So I did it. I bought the lemon curd and it is luscious on a bagel with cream cheese. Of course I should be enjoying with a scone, that is the proper English treat but I was fresh out of scones so a bagel it was. What did this little delight cost? $7.50 but so worth it. Plus if I return the jar I get a little discount on my next purchase.

Total spend - $19.50 and it all stayed local.

So what was your last farmers market splurge?

Thanks for reading. ~mrs. c


  1. That lemon curd sounds good! When I splurge at the farmers market I usually buy flowers.

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

  2. Oooh, all that looks delicious! The flowers are gorgeous! I need to go my farmer's market!

  3. GORGEOUS flowers. I wish we had more farmer's markets around here. Our town has a very small one and there isn't much to pick from.



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