Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - What is it?

It's been a busy morning working (darn job that pays the bills gets priority) but I am now taking five minutes to post my Wordless Wednesday picture. Here is is. Can you guess what it is? Well I will give you a few clues. It is a young tree and that little nub is the new growth. So amazing if you ask me. The rest is up to you. What kind of tree is it?

I will post the answer tomorrow on this page. Good Luck! ANSWER - Yes it is a Walnut Tree!

If you are looking for more agricultural trivia, visit my friend Ellen at Life on A Real California Dairy. Please be warned, visit at your own risk if you are hungry. Thanks to her post, I now have to have cheese for lunch!!

Thanks for visiting and for reading. ~mrs. c

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