Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Weeknight Jam Fest

Most people come home on a weeknight after a day at the office, make dinner and relax in preparation for the next day. After all it is only Tuesday, there is still more than half the week left to go. But the Cecil's are not most people. I was privileged to be given these luscious local grown peaches by one of my Farm Bureau Board members. I immediately knew the fate of these peaches - JAM!

These little beauties have been perched on our counter for the last five days getting to the perfect ripeness.

 Now here is where I could have shown you pictures of all of the ingredients that went into our peach jam. The fact is the two main ingredients are peaches and sugar. The recipe also calls for a little lemon juice and some pectin.  I have shown you the peaches but I refuse to show you the amount of sugar that went into this recipe. It is obnoxious! So I will just show you the finished product.

Ta Da!

No you are not seeing a speck of peach peel in this jar. That is actually cinnamon! I love peaches and cinnamon and thought this little addition would make a great ice cream topping. YUM!

So there they are, eighteen jars of peach jam made in a span of 90 minutes on a random Tuesday night.
Do you have a favorite jam or canning recipe? Please share! ~mrs. c

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  1. AWESOME! I love jam making. I haven't made any yet this year. And yes A LOT of sugar makes the best jam. I canned cherries last week with my MIL. I will be freezing peaches for sure. Canning salsa and other tomato recipes. You should plan for my friend Amy and Jennifer's "canning week" on their blogs. I'll send you the link! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I would LOVE to learn how to can - I am so afraid of trying (I don't know why the worst thing that could happen is I ruin a few pounds of produce)!

    How did you learn?

  3. Ahhh.... I just found you through the Rural Woman Rock FB page and quickly became your newest follower. If you are a canner, then you and I will get along just fine! You need to come link this recipe up to our Canning Week Blog Party Linky.
    We also have give-a-ways! So excited to have met you.

  4. Wow, good job on the canning! I meant to learn how to do that this year, but just didn't get around to year though! ;) I was looking for other Chico moms who blog & found your blog! If you want to check out mine, it's at --Jessica



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