Saturday, October 1, 2011

Women and wine with dinner of course!

It's not often I go to dinner without my husband. After all I love going to dinner with him but he is not always available. This week I had dinner with friends; girlfriends in fact and I drove to Sacramento to share in what was a great evening. Just to put this into context, my house is about an hour and 45 minutes from Sacramento; not your typical drive time to enjoy dinner but when the dinner date traveled from North Dakota, you don't whine about two hours!

I'm a fairly social person without the help of the Internet but social media has played a significant role in growing my network of friends and especially women who I fondly refer to as my sisters. One of those special friends is Katie Pinke from North Dakota. We are both working moms who share a love for what else - agriculture! We have lots of other things in common as I have discovered from following her blog the Pinke Post or tracking her trips through her many tweets. But this one night we were separated by nothing more than the table in between our chairs.

Katie's colleague Sharlene Garcia also joined us; another working mom and lover of all things agriculture. The three of us spent more than three hours talking, eating, talking, drinking, and then did some more talking over dessert. I think it's fairly safe to say we could have spent a few more hours if it wasn't for the evening getting late and each of us needing to work the next morning.

I am so grateful for fabulous women, especially those in agriculture, who inspire, challenge and remind me why it is I do what I do everyday. Katie and Sharlene are two of those great women. I can't wait to have dinner again!  Thanks Ladies ~mrs.c

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  1. I LOVED our night of conversation Colleen and am so thankful for our friendship. Thanks for making the long trip!



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