Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday - No longer just a dream!

When I started this blog in 2008, the goal was a place to keep friends and family updated on what it was we were doing, what we thought and what was new in our life as we worked at "Growin a Home" as a new married couple. The journey started with the two of us and now has two more with the additions of our little boys. Yesterday we added the next step in our goal of "Growin a Home" for our family with our own little piece of property that we will someday soon make our home (after we build it of course.) For now it will be our never ending source of weekend projects, Sunday picnics and one gorgeous garden complete with our own personal pumpkin patch this fall.

Here are just a few pictures on this Thankful Thursday.
Our Big Red Barn

Open pastures today but it will soon be a newly planted walnut orchard.
A fig tree! Yes my own supply of figs for fig jam, cookies and whatever other creation I dream.
Stay tuned for pictures and look for updates on our progress of "Growin a Home." Thanks for reading. ~mrs. c

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on your beautiful new property!! Can't wait to see the home!!



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