Saturday, May 26, 2012

Family, Fun and the County Fair

It's the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend which means is time to visit the Silver Dollar Fair in Chico. We went today with the intention of buying a market hog at the Junior Livestock Auction. However we failed in our mission due to a long drawn out sale with the market hogs at the very beginning and the very end, a rambunctious two year old and a tired Daddy. So we left before the last section of pigs and were talking too much to realize we should have bought early this morning. Enough of the saga. We will buy again next year. For now lets look at the rest of the day.

He doesn't look too tired in this photo and it is not often I catch him smiling for the camera. And lucky for me he had his glasses on because if you look close enough his eyes are closed. I think he looks handsome! And holding Baby D makes him even hotter!

It was also Baby D's first trip to a fair! Being that I spent most my childhood summers at the county fair, I am always excited to take my boys. Baby D slept through most of it while I carried him in the baby carrier but there were a few moments of alertness.

Big Bro C did not stand still long enough for me to take a picture of his face without it being blurry. You will notice that most of his photos are the back of his head.  Again, he's two and always moving. This is also the reason we left. Always moving makes for cranky Daddy with little patience.

Our friends the Gore's were also there. Here is their son feeding some sheep. The boys thought this was fun!

However Big Bro C, being the investigator that he is, tried to figure out how to open the gate. Every other kid was trying to feed the sheep. Not my kid.

I'm glad he never figured it out. Herding sheep was not on my agenda today. After all I was wearing three inch wedge heels! Not ideal for sheep wrangling.

All in all it was a great family trip to the fair complete with corn dogs, pretzels and cold beer for mommy and daddy of course. Thanks for reading. ~mrs. c

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