Friday, November 2, 2012

My YouTube Debut - for Education of Course!

So I am not a food celebrity but I did get to spend one day being followed around by television cameras, with microphone attached to me, a make-up artist making sure my face was not shining and my bra strap was not showing, learning about the food I eat. I can honestly say I know what a reality television star feels like now - only the filming part, not the revenue part. This project, by The Center For Food Integrity was for education so I was excited to donate my time.
Here is part of the crew.
 The goal was to create a five minute video about GMO's. I got to play the part of a mom with questions (I was perfect for the role; I had lats of questions.  My co-star was Denneal Jamison-McClung who is an awesome mom and an Associate Director at UC Davis Biotechnology Program. She was the GMO expert. She to was perfect for her role!  The video was shot at UC Davis all over the campus. The video is for a five part series that will be available the website www.bestfoodfacts,org. The website "gives you the opportunity to connect with food system experts around the country who have done the research, checked their work and want to share the results." The site is great for people who have questions about their food and want to get answers from credible sources and not sponsored lobbying groups.
My co-star, fellow mom and new friend Denneal Jamison-McClung
We spent most of the day having a conversation just like any two moms might have about shopping, food, our kids, etc. The difference was we were being watched and recorded. Denneal rocked her part of the video in my opinion. Her job was to educate me about GMO crops, how they are made and why they exist. The meat of the program was to hopefully get on video the right answers that all of you might ask yourself as you walk the grocery store isles. You can be the judge below. I am sure the stopped and asked me to start over more than here .
Here is what it looked like from my viewpoint. Camera guy, producer, sound and a few other important people in the background that you can't see.

I am not a fan of watching myself on video, never have, never will. Probably the horrible experience in college having to watch myself gives oral reasons for livestock judging practice over and over again. The experience this time was not horrible, it was fun but I still don't like seeing myself on video. Yes I am weird, deal with it. So without further delay, here it is. Try not to be harsh, I don;t plan on getting any nominations. However I hope the video will offer a chance to get answers to maybe a few questions you had. I know it answered all of mine.

Thanks for stopping by! ~mrs. c

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  1. Is this a joke?
    Are you seriously saying that for a crop to produce it's own insecticide and pesticide, that it is exactly the same as if something were not injected with a bacterium or virus?

    Seriously? Couldn't really tell if this was sarcasm...




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