Friday, March 8, 2013

Officially Farming!

It's no secret, Jake and I want to raise our boys like our parents did us, with deep roots in agriculture. That has been the plan since before we got married in 2008. We moved the plan forward in 2011 when we bought the soil to plant those roots. Roots that we hope will keep us grounded, provide stability and will foster an admirable work ethic for our boys.

We took the next and most important step last week in our journey, we planted the ROOTS! Our little farm is beginning to look the way we envisioned. Here are a few photos detailing the day that our walnut trees were planted.

Digging the holes 
Each hole got a stake and ...

some tree food (aka fertilizer). Everything has to be perfect! We are planting these trees to last a lifetime so every step is important and vital to the trees health.

 Bare root Howard Variety Walnut trees from Burchell Nursery.

And lots of them.

Have you ever see such beautiful roots?

Each one has to be positioned perfectly to ensure that it will grow in the right direction for the next 50 years. Jake was on site all day to help with the process. I would have liked to be there but someone had to work their real paycheck delivering job that's helping to pay for (with the assitance from our bank of course) all of these gorgeous new trees. We are very blessed however to have careers that allow us the ability to do both at the same time.

That handy tool was used to place each tree and stake.

Next up, dirt,


and more dirt!

There you have part one. There are still a few steps to finishing the planting process including watering each tree in, adding more dirt, cutting the top of the tree off, painting and giving it a protector. Stay tuned, those photos are coming next.

There are lots of people who have helped Jake and I get to this point and here is one of them. Juan Carillo and JC Farm Service out of Corning helped with the planting and provided all of the labor. Jake has done work with Juan for a few years now and says he's the best. Look him up if your in need of some extra hands for a big farm project in the North State.

Thanks for following along and I hope you'll stay tuned for the next set of pictures. We are so excited to see this journey in our life take another big leap and we are blessed to share it with our family and with you!

Thanks for reading. ~mrs. c


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