Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hooked on fishing

There is an awesome program in our local community, and from what I am told, also takes place in other places too. Nonetheless Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs is a free fishing day for kids under 14 that takes place at Horseshoe Lake in Upper Bidwell Park. Before this annual event they plant 8000 pounds of catfish in the lake! There is a one fish per child limit and frankly, the only way you are not going to get a fish is if you choose not to put your line in the water. To make it easy for anyone to participate, they provide poles, bait, assistance from local fishing gurus and free fish cleaning. There is nothing bad about any of this program. We wanted to be there early because anyone who knows anything about fishing knows you go as soon as the sun comes up. Duh! We were not there that early but lets just say we left so early that I did not get to watch The Pioneer Woman this morning. That's okay. Being there to watch my boys catch their first fish was the best reason to get up early on a Saturday morning. And I took lots of pictures so let this be your warning, this blog post is long and loaded with pictures of my favorite little boys and my favorite fishing guru, my husband.

Can you see the intensity in his face? 

 My favorite picture of the day. 

Dalton's catch!

He is so proud. Look at that smile.

As the fish grabs the worm, Clayton said, "I think something is happening here." Dad helped reel him in. 

Clayton was excited for the catch but is not a big fan of the slimy fish. 

And tonight dinner was courtesy of my little boys. Fish tacos. Yum!

I hope you made memories today that will last a lifetime. I know we did. 

Thanks for reading! ~mrs.c 

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