Thursday, July 10, 2014

My First Stitch Fix in Pics

I have been eagerly awaiting my first Stitch Fix shipment. I will admit I have been incredibly jealous of the photos posted by my friends of their recent Fixes. It made me begin to wonder what would be in my box? Will I like what my stylist sends. I have my own stylist! Did I fill out the questionnaire as honestly as I could? Will the clothes fit? No need to dream about it anymore, my wait is now over. It has arrived!! 

I have to say the box was so tiny. Is there really five items in there? There was. Two summer tops, one dress, a pair of pants and a pair of earrings. My first reaction was maybe I shouldn't have said I was okay with jewelry as part of my fix. I was feeling cheated on a piece of clothing. But I quickly got over that and started to try it all on. 

Let me start by saying that it all fit! Let me reiterate what kind of points this scores for Stitch Fix and my Stylist Tracy. The fact this entire box fit was so fulfilling for me. I often feel limited by clothes offerings because of what I think looks good, what fits and of course what I am trying to cover up. 

So if you are a Stitch Fix newbie, let me give you a little explanation to what all the hub-bub is over this unique service. You visit the Stitch Fix website, sign up, answer a questionnaire about your sizes, likes, dislikes and type of clothes you wear. You choose how often you get your fix, for example every month, every quarter or just whenever you ask for one. The choice is yours. You pay $20, your styling fee, and you get the Stitch Fix box in the mail with five items. Your box also includes style cards for each of the items suggesting how you might wear them with pieces you already own and instructions for returning what you don't want to keep. There is no obligation to keep any of the items. Your cost at that point is only $20 for the personal styling. If you choose to keep one, two, three or four of the pieces, you pay full price for each. Your $20 styling fee is also applied as a credit towards your purchase. If you buy all five items, they take 25% off the total, plus your $20 credit. Make sense?

So here is my fix. First a sleeveless shirt dress. 

It's perfect for work, church or date night. It is a sheer fabric that includes a full black slip. The red belt in the picture is mine. The style card suggested some colored shoes but sadly I don't have the right ones for this dress. Yet. So what do you think?

Next up are the high waisted black trousers. The fabric of these pants are super stretchy. I would call them a skinny pant. I will also tell you that they fit well and held everything the way it needed to be held. But the most important factor is that my husband liked these pants on me!

In fact my hubby Jake liked most everything in the box. He is also the photographer for this fashion show. Thanks Babe! I know I asked you to take these photos while you were trying to watch Deadliest Catch. Thank goodness for our DVR. He was able to pause and take photos. Yes, ladies I know I am lucky. Back to the fashion. 

I paired the pants with the coral colored sleeveless blouse in my Fix and my Nine West wedges. Funny story. I own these wedges because of the Pioneer Woman. I'll save that for another post.  

So what do you think? I love the color of this blouse and the comfort and style of the pants. I also have on the earrings that were sent in my Fix. They are gold and I NEVER wear gold. But they are super cute. 

Here is a close-up of the earrings. Again super cute and really very simple and light weight. 

The last piece in my Fix was this turquoise-teal tank top. This is rayon so I did have to iron it before I took a photo of it. It is hand washable but it might become part of my dry cleaning collection. I have a horrible track record with laundering rayon.  Back to the outfit. Here is the style card. The card suggests jeans and shorts which would totally work for me too. 

So I paired this top with the pants again, my black patent flip-flops from Target and a long silver necklace and silver earrings. During the fall I might throw my denim jacket over the outfit. 

So the big question. What am I keeping? All of it! I was only going to keep the two tops and the pants but after further review of the total cost of the three pieces versus the cost of all five with the 25% discount, deciding to buy all five was a no-brainer. What are all five of these pieces costing me? About $200. I usually don't make clothing purchases for myself this large all at one time. On the other hand, maybe this concept of getting a few new pieces every month or so will eliminate my need for the one piece here and one piece there approach I take now. Again, you can choose what the average price of each piece in your shipment will be during the questionnaire process. 

We have limited shopping options in Chico and I don't have time to go perusing in the downtown boutiques Chico does offer. Being able to get this box in the mail and try these clothes on in the comfort of my own room is a lifesaver for my busy lifestyle. And being that I do respect my husbands opinion, the other bonus was I got his feedback too on these items. I will never get him to sit outside a dressing room and give me feedback unless of course we are at Sportsman's Warehouse or Bass Pro Shop.  

So are you ready to get your Stitch Fix yet? If you are, I would kindly ask you to consider using this link. If you do place an order for your Fix, I will get a credit after you get your first Fix. I thank you in advance.

So what do you think? Should I keep it all? Should I send it back? What would you keep? And when are you going to schedule your first Fix? 

Thanks for reading! ~mrs. c


  1. Hooray for StitchFix! Colleen, you look fantastic! I feel the same way about the pricing. I have had fixes around $120-360 but when you take the 25% off it makes it easy to keep all five items if they fit me. It pushes me to do something different and I NEVER buy other clothes now!

  2. Great review! You look fabulous!

  3. Super cute, Colleen! They all look great on you! :)



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