Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Vacation in Pictures

I took over 400 pictures during our summer vacation this year. I picked out my favorites and that was still more than 50. I decided that was still a few too many for the blog so here is just a sampling of what we did during our time on the Northern California Coast and the Southern Oregon Coast.

Eureka, California has a great little zoo. All the boys - big and little had fun. 

The little boys mastered the spider web. 

Cutest spider I have ever seen!

The Sequoia Park had the most gorgeous dahlia garden. This one was larger than Clayton's head! 

 A quick stop for the Sky Trail. Up, up and away!

 And then we made it to the ocean. Hello Oregon!

 Fresh oysters were destined to be on our menu and they were a couple nights. 

 We traveled back to California to spend the morning in Crescent City, California 
for a fun small town 4th of July parade. 

 Of course I found my fellow Farm Bureau folks in the local parade. 

 No small town parade is complete without the Shirners. I think every parade I have ever seen in a small town has had the Shriners as a participant.

And old cars too!

 Back at our Oregon Vacation Rental, we had front yard fireworks. The boys enjoyed them and Jake had a great time setting them off. 

We hope you found time to enjoy family this summer and the 4th of July holiday too!
Thanks for reading! ~mrs. c


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