Friday, August 15, 2014

Stitch Fix #2 with pictures of course!

Last week we took a quick camping trip with some good friends. I will post about that later but imagine my anxiety when I learned my Stitch Fix arrived while I was gone and I had to wait till I got home to get it. Crazy! But the line, "good things come to those who wait," would apply. Another great box and yes I am excited to show you.

Maybe you are new to the blog or maybe you have no idea what Stitch Fix is? Check out my first "Fix" here complete with an explanation of the program.

As for box #2, it contained a pair of jeans, which I requested, a dress, two shirts and a bracelet. Everything fit which in the world of shopping is monumental in my opinion. First up this comfy and bright faux wrap dress. And as the handy style card suggests, dress it up or down.

It really is the right kind of dress for a girl with chest.And it's flattering too if you ask me. I would probably never pick up this color myself had I been shopping in the store but it came in the box so I tried it on. Love the dress and the color too. And yes, this one is husband approved too. He also commented on the color. 

Next up the peachy cowl neck top. Again probably not something I would have picked up in a store off of a hanger. It is a 3/4 sleeve and it is still really warm outside right now so that makes it a challenge to wear it this month but this will be in the Fall rotation in a few months. 

Also in this picture is a pair of skinny jeans from Level 99.
I requested jeans from my stylist after my last Fix. The fit on the jeans was awesome. They felt good and hit in the waist just right. I don't really have a waist or call it thick if you want but these felt nice. The only problem is they really hugged my entire leg and made feel like I was wearing leggings and not jeans. 

Next up is the white 3/4 sleeve blouse. I love white but rarely wear it. Kids and white don't mix well. Even more exciting is this blouse had no buttons, again another point I mentioned to my stylist after my last fix. Having a chest makes tops with buttons a challenge.  

Love this one. My first reaction was to the quality of this top. It included a white camisole to wear underneath it. Both the cami and the top fit me and my chest and in fact I wore it last night already. 

Lastly there is a cute silver bracelet that looks like a buckle and I didn't get a picture of it before I sent it back. In fact I sent the bracelet back and the jeans. If I am going to pay more than $100 for a pair of jeans, (and I am okay with spending that for good jeans) I want to love them and I just didn't love these that much. Oh well, next time. I did however keep the dress and the two tops. 

Special thanks to my photographer helpers this time around. Husband snapped a few on his way out the door to work. When I realized I needed an additional picture, I enlisted my 4 year old seen below. He snapped the one with the white shirt. Maybe photography is in his future?

So all in all I am pleased with Fix #2. I changed my delivery schedule so now they will come every other month, look for the next reveal in October. Who knows, maybe they will try the jeans again, but this time something with a straight leg or boot cut please. 

Have you signed up for your Stitch Fix yet? Try it today. You can sign up here
Thanks for reading! ~mrs. c


  1. You look beautiful in that dress! LOVE the color and the length... perfect! Would be cute with boots for fall as well. Have fun with this new service.

  2. Love the items that you kept! My next Stitch Fix comes on Monday! So excited! :)



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