Friday, October 10, 2014

Stitch Fix #3 has arrived

It's just like Christmas every other month at my house when my now beloved Stitch Fix box arrives. And just like Christmas I have no idea what is inside until I open it. What I do know is that my stylist has some pretty specific direction from the in depth survey I filled out online, feedback I have offered from previous Fixes and by checking out my Pinterest board. Maybe I should share the survey with my family to assist their Chirstmas shopping? Just a thought.

So what did I get? A skirt, two tops, a dress and a jacket. And thanks to updating my iPhone with the new IOS 8, I was  able to use the new photo timer to take own pictures. They are light years away from magazine quality but you get the idea.

First up the Jay Mini Houndstooth Printed Skirt from Market and Spruce. Cute and comfy with a elastic waistband. I can see this dressed up for work during the week or with flip-flops at the Farmers Market.

Next is my favorite piece in the box, the 41Hawthron Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse. It looks pink in this picture but I think its more red than pink in person. They actually call it coral. Truth be told there was no natural light at 6:00 AM when I took these pictures and I was not worried about lighting. I was so excited to get this top because the next day we were scheduled to take family pictures and I had yet to determine what I would be wearing. There was no longer a question once I took this out of the box. 

I had discussed with my hairdresser what color tops I might consider for the forthcoming family pictures and we decided red or hunter green would be ideal. Would you believe those are the colors of the two tops I got? It was fate or something. This green Fulton V-Neck Short Sleeve Knit Shirt from Pink Martini is perfect for our California weather during the fall and winter and will be great for work and with jeans like I paired it below. 

The next item in the box had me immediately thinking no. A jacket? However I tried it on and my husband said he REALLY liked it and I should keep it. OK, if you say so dear. This olive green (again sorry for the horrible light in these pictures) Market and Spruce Crissie Knit Textured Sleeve Moto Jacket is going to be a fun piece to wear this year. 

Lastly the dress. A 41Hawthron Sloane Colorblock A-Line Ponte Shift Dress. I was so excited to try it on to only learn it was too small. Yep, blame this one on the boobs. Cute though, right? 

Of course I love the style card that comes with each of my Fixes. Very helpful for determining what to wear with each piece. 

So what did I keep? The two tops and the jacket. Because the dress did not fit and I did not loooove the skirt, I sent them back only paying for the three pieces and getting the $20 styling fee credited towards my purchase. Sadly, had the dress fit I would have kept the whole box. That 25% discount for buying all five pieces makes that decision easy - when of course everything fits. 

So what do you think? Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? If your busy woman like me, feeling like your wardrobe needs a little inspiration and don't mind spending the first $20, then give it a whirl! You can sign up here

Thanks for reading! ~mrs. c


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