Saturday, June 6, 2015

We have walnuts!

You're probably thinking it's been a while since you've read a post on this blog. And you are right. We've been busy. And something had to give. Family is always first and that's where we have focused. Not that anything was wrong, we have just been busy being a family. And we've been making memories and that's what's important.

We have also been farming. Truthfully Jake has been farming but the fact is our young walnut orchard is coming along just like we had hoped. In fact this blog post is to show you how well they are coming along. 

We have walnuts! Real young walnuts growing on our 3rd leaf walnut trees. 

You might recall reading this when we planted these trees back in February of 2013. They were so little. But today they look beautiful. 

During the winter we pruned the orchard, identifing the strongest limbs and removing the awkward and misplaced ones. The pruning also encourages new growth. Jake did most of the pruning himself although I'm proud report I put in a few quality weekends myself with the pruning shears. 

For the summer months we will focus on irrigation and trying to discourage broken limbs. 

The drought is top of our minds as we monitor our water usage and try and alter our irrigation schedule with that of our neighbors to be able to keep our underground aquifer at consistent levels. 

The other important on farm work is trying keep our tools protected as thieves make their way around rural properties looking for items that they can steal and sell for quick money. Extra lighting, locks, and cameras are important farm tools these days. 

I hope to get a blog post up about some of those memories I told you we have been making as a family.  The upside to a dry winter in California is the chance to get out and be active. 

Here's a peak at some of our outdoor fun. 

Thanks for reading! ~mrs. c

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