Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We moved! Twice!

The last month was crazy! It is also my excuse for no blog post in the last four five weeks. But who's counting?

So where do I start? We sold our house and I wrote all about that here. Our house is never without some chaos but chaos got a whole new definition when we moved on August 1st into a one bedroom house for what we knew would be a temporary situation. As I have previously explained, we are going to build our dream home in the middle of our little piece of dirt among our young walnut orchard. There has been a plan from day one and selling our current home was part of the plan. However finding the perfect rental house for your family in the ideal location and having it ready on the day your current houses closes escrow is IMPOSSIBLE! So we moved into a one bedroom house that thankfully was available whenever we needed it and for as long as we needed it. We made it work quite well too.

As luck would have it, a perfect rental property came onto the market the day before we moved out of our former house. The rental however would not be available till September first. And that was okay - because we had the one bedroom house to call home for those 30 days.

Are you keeping up?

So what happened during August? We moved the first time, took our final summer trip before harvest (which I will blog about soon,), spent a day without water in our one bedroom rental (thank you California drought) and I took a handgun training course (so much fun!) And oh yes, we moved again Labor Day weekend!

So where are we now?

A great question and oddly enough right back where we started on August 1st.  Would you believe the perfect rental property is on the same street that we have called home for the last ten years? You can't plan events like this but it is true.

What's up in September?

Jake is busy with a slooooow walnut harvest, the boys are already running around the house in their Halloween costumes, the pumpkins in the garden are ready to be picked, and I'm keeping our family and the local Farm Bureau office running.

And since pictures of moving and houses are boring, here is a much better picture. My boys and our young walnut trees. Aren't they all beautiful?

There you have it. There is more to come including camping in Oregon, shooting my new gun for the first time and picking our pumpkins. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading! ~ mrs. c


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