I'm a mom and I care about the food my family eats. That's why I'm voting NO on Proposition 37. Yes you read that correctly. Proposition 37 is not about a label on your food. It's about frivolous lawsuits and a long list of exemptions. Soy milk would need a label but cow's milk is exempt? A bag of tortilla chips would need a label but the chips at your favorite Mexican restaurant are exempt? That makes no sense. The proponents say, "It's your right to know." And guess what? You do. Your food is already labeled. People just need to do a better job of educating themselves. There are a handful of genetically modified crops (six to be exact) commercially produced for ingredients in our food in the U.S. If you know what they are (it's not a secret), then you and anyone else who can read can easily determine if a food you buy and eat is made with GMO ingredients. What are you going to do when you find out your favorite corn tortilla chips are made with GMO corn? Are you going to stop buying them? If the answer is yes then do so today please. Almost 90 percent of the corn grown today is GMO corn. Use your food purchasing decisions to influence food manufacturers, not the ballot box. Lots of doctors and scientists, including the American Medical Association, say GM crops are safe for me and my family. Join me and vote no on Proposition 37. — Colleen Cecil, Chico

Thanks Chico ER for allowing me to share my opinion on this very important issue in 250 words or less which by the way is no easy feat for me if you know how much I talk.

If you would like to learn more about Proposition 37, I would encourage you to read your voter guide first and then visit www.noprop37.com.

So what do you think about labeling requirements? Thanks for reading! ~mrs. c