Friday, August 24, 2012

State Fair Fun 2012!

A recent blog post by my social media sister Sharlene Garcia over at Country Girl City Wife! reminded me that we too had ventured out to the California State Fair for some sun, fun and fair food. My siblings and I hold a special place in our heart for our local County Fairs and the State Fair is no exception.  I want our boys to have the same opportunities we did - FFA, 4-H, showing livestock, making projects - all of it. I have written before about how these activities have shaped me. However this post is about fun because at the age of two, there was only one thing one little boy in particular wanted to do and it was run, run, run.

I enlisted the help of my sister Christine to assist in wrangling Clayton on this warm July day. Daddy was working so I loaded up the boys and headed south for the day.

The California State Fair had a cool exhibit about toys this year. The exhibit probably spanned 50 years of toy history starting with the slinky. As you can see, it was a favorite. In fact Aunt Christine made sure Clayton went home with Slinky Dog who is a favorite character in our house from the movie Toy Story.
From the toys we headed to the farm. Hey Daddy, I think we need one of these in the back yard. What do you think?
 I was so excited to take him to the farm because he is at the age where he can actually play with many of the displays. However no surprise he had a favorite - the tractors. And he had to drive one of each color. He had some assistance too. Thanks Aunt Christine.

Mom made him sit in the big tire for a picture. He was not impressed but I was.

 And then it was on to roping. Who knew Aunt Christine was such a hand?

Before the day was over we checked out the County Exhibits - always a favorite. Here are the booths from Butte and Glenn Counties.

You may not notice it from these pictures but Baby D was there too. He napped, ate, smiled when necessary and cruised in the double stroller.
Of course no trip to the fair would be complete without ice cream. I think Clayton enjoyed his. What do you think? It was a fun day and we look forward to making the trip to the State Fair next year. Thanks for reading! ~mrs. c

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A day full of blessings

August 12 was a special day for Baby D. He may not realize how incredible of a day it was but we know and that's all that matters. Our closest family and friends gathered to help us welcome Baby D in the Catholic Church with a traditional baptism.

Baby D was dressed in the customary white outfit. I think it was pretty special too because I picked out the fabric and sewed it myself. Big Bro had a beautiful white outfit for his baptism two years ago that his Ava Aguiar bought for him. I had hoped that Baby D would wear the same thing but who would have thought that the kid would outgrow it before he had a chance to wear it? That's okay because I had fun sewing it. Who knows you might see future sewing projects soon.

Here a few pictures of the day.

As we did with his Big Bro, we wanted to select God Parents for Baby D that would provide and guide him with the same values that Jake and I will and do so as part of the Catholic faith.
Baby D's God Parents are very good friends of ours, Rachel McGowan and Tom Harris. They are an important part of our extended family and they love our boys like we do.

Our new Priest at Our Divine Savior, Father Siva did a beautiful job. Baby D never cried and was even happy when Father introduced him to the Church.

 I wanted to get a family picture on this day but its almost impossible to get Big Bro in a picture these days. As you can see he was there and I caught him on the run in church.

Rachel, Tom and Baby D.

Rachel, Tom, Baby D and Jake and I.

"Hey Mom, aren't I cute!"

Thanks for reading! ~mrs c.


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