Monday, December 28, 2009

I think we're ready?

I hate to even admit it because odds are it will come back to haunt me but I think we are ready. Ready to bring a baby into the world that is. We are officially counting down to our due date - January 9, 2010.

The nursery is done. The car seat is installed. The baby monitor is charged. Sure we still have so many questions and concerns and I am certain that once we have that bundle of joy in our arms, we will have even more questions but in the end, God will never give us more than we can handle. We are certain of this. And the best part about about getting to bring this child into the world is I get to do this with my best friend - Jake.

While I have been a little lax (okay really bad) at being consistent at updating our blog, please stay tuned as I promise - I will update this page when the baby is born. Stay tuned - the best is yet to come!~mrs.c

Monday, August 31, 2009

Super Hubby!

I am a lucky girl! I have a husband who HATES to go shopping but because I have been in a funk because Chico has no good maternity clothing shops and nothing I own fits anymore, he took me to Roseville to buy some new clothes that do fit.

Not only do these clothes fit, they are actually cute and make me look pregnant as opposed to just chubbier than I was before I got pregnant. However the best part of the day was he wanted to go because he knew it was important to me.

The Galleria at Roseville is enormous and no place for a man who's wardrobe consists of button down shirts, Wranglers and of course cargo shorts that compliment his lace-up work boots on those 100+ degree Chico summer days. It really is sexy - trust me. Despite Jake's limited wardrobe that I do love, he ventured into Gap and Destination Maternity. He went one step further and even whipped out his wallet to help in purchasing my new mommy-to-be wardrobe. I didn't even have to ask, he insisted.

It was at Destination Maternity that Jake found he could be a little more comfortable as this stores caters to its customers (and it should considering what these clothes cost!). For the daddy-to-be there are two large leather chairs that are seated directly in front of a 42" flat screen TV programmed to none other than, ESPN. Brilliant!

While he will never understand the method we women use to effectively scour a clearance rack and the excitement that comes over us when we know we got a really good deal, Jake went along with it, rolling his eyes of course.

The Galleria was not without its male attractions. Let's be honest, Jake could lose track of time in the Sears tool department. And we made a stop there too since we had made the drive.

We ended our day trip to Roseville with a late lunch and I even drove home so Jake could rest his eyes on the way back. Jake is a FABULOUS husband and after days like this, I am even more confident he is going to be a wonderful father. And he's is really excited about that new job title too!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Coming Soon - Baby Cecil!

So it has been a while since I have posted anything to our blog. I really don't have any excuses other than a lack of time and maybe a little writers block. But I am here today to share with everyone the first picture of Baby Cecil, due to make his or her arrival on or around January 9, 2010.

You are probably thinking with all of this great news I would have plenty to write about. However Jake and I agreed that we would avoid blogging and Facebooking about our exciting news until I was through the 1st trimester. Well that time has passed now and today we got this picture.

We hope you will stay tuned for new posts and funny details of our path to parenthood. And for all of you who are wondering - Boy or Girl? You will need to wait and find out when we do in early 2010. With the technology we have you are probably wondering, why not find out the sex?" Well the truth is, this is the only real surprise left in the world and in life. With technology and science, we know pretty much everything before it happens. So while the ultrasound technician may know what the sex of our baby is, we do not. Of course Jake thinks he is an expert at reading ultrasounds because he read about them in a book. We will let him keep believing this. Anyhow, as long as we get a healthy baby - girl or boy - it does not matter because we are going love them no matter what.

Thanks for reading!~mrs. c

So what’s up with the Cecil’s you ask?

So maybe you weren’t asking yourselves “what’s up with the Cecil’s” but they thought they would tell you anyway. You may or may not recall but a little over a year ago many of you joined Jake and Colleen in Chico for their Wedding Day over the 4th of July holiday in 2008. It was the perfect day and they are so blessed that so many of you were there to share it with them. Thank you again! Well hard to believe but it has been a year already. Where did it go?

Colleen has traditionally written a holiday letter each December but last year she was still recovering from the wedding and to make a long story of excuses short, the holiday letter never got done. Oh well. So Colleen thought, “Why not write a one-year anniversary letter?” Corny maybe, but she has a little more time and energy today than she will come this December.

So what have the newlywed’s been doing? After the wedding they went on a much need week-long honeymoon to Cape Mearas, Oregon. They rented a house on the beach and spent the time driving along the Oregon Coast, made an attempt at clamming (this is not as easy as one may think) and eating fresh seafood. It was magnificent. After the honeymoon it was back to reality and that meant WORK just like most other employed tax-paying married couples in our Country. Jake is the Operations Manager for Nicolaus Nut Company in Chico where he oversees the company’s almond and walnut orchards and Colleen is the Executive Director of the Butte County Farm Bureau where she manages the organization’s membership and agricultural advocacy efforts. And to make a little extra cash on the side, Colleen is completing her third year as a Silpada Designs Sterling Silver Jewelry Representative (

When they are not working they do try and make time for family and friends and of course the much needed get-a-ways to the Peppermill Casino in Reno. It’s the Peppermill’s fault - they keep sending these free room offers and it would be unfortunate if they went to waste! Jake and Colleen have probably only went two or maybe three times over the past year but with Reno only being three hours away, it’s a nice way to escape the everyday drama that is their lives.

Jake did have the opportunity to go to Utah this year with a friend on an Elk hunting trip and Colleen keeps active with California Women for Agriculture (CWA) where she is the Northern District Director for the statewide volunteer group. Jake thinks CWA meetings are just female get-to-together’s and while yes we do the normal girls things (eating, shopping and enjoying great friendships from around the state) we do promote and educate consumers, children and legislators on the importance of California Agriculture.

To celebrate their one-year anniversary Jake and Colleen traveled to Brookings Oregon for a week of NOTHING but relaxing. The weather was cool and foggy, the fresh seafood was yummy and the view from the condo was spectacular. Jake and Colleen figured they better make it a good trip since it is the last one they will take by themselves for a while since they will welcome Baby Cecil in January of 2010. This little bit of exciting news is the other reason for the Summer letter since December will be spent preparing for the new arrival.

Well that is about all for now. You can stay in tune with what’s going on by visiting the Cecil family blog at You can also contact them by email or look us up on Facebook. Even Jake has gotten into the Facebook craze! And if you plan on being in Northern California, please stop by! There is still one spare room now that a Baby Nursery is being decorated!

Love to All~Jake and Colleen

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eating with our eyes...

They say we eat with our eyes and my trip to the Saturday morning Farmer's Market in Chico may just prove it.
The market was drooling people - young and old - all of whom good not resist the opportunity to bask in the warm sunshine of the Spring April Day. I was there before 10 am so the serious shoppers had already made their rounds. The crowd I mingled with enjoyed chatting with friends and catching up with lost acquaintances.
I think I only ran into one person I knew today. Jake laughs at me when I go to town and run into people I know. I have lived for two and a half years and him for probably seven. He can go into town and see no one he knows. Me on the other hand, always sees someone I know. This is not bad. It just proves that as big as Chico thinks it is, it is still a small town where everyone knows someone. And to tell you the truth, its this exact reason I really enjoy living in a farming community. We in the agricultural community are just a little more down to earth and willing to demonstrate, without hesitation, courtesy.
Today is exactly the reason I love living in California and being Californian!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A great thought.

To all the special women in my life...

Confidence is captivating, it is powerful and does not fade.
Nina Garcia, Fashion Director, Marie Claire

Monday, February 9, 2009

Married; filing jointly?

All I have to say is thanks! Thanks to all of my married friends who left out the details about being married and filing taxes.

So just like every other year, I gathered the necessary documents (there are three) and went to the computer, just like I have done in years past and popped in the Turbo Tax CD that I scored $10 cheaper than the norm because I had a coupon - woohoo!

I highly recommend the fill-in-the-blank software as it really is easy to follow if you are like me and not all that talented with financial projects. In what should have been a 30 minute project got off to a rocky start the moment it asked for my new marital status, quickly offered an on screen congratulatory statement and then asked the question - Will you be filing jointly or separately? I knew the question would be asked but thought it really didn't matter. Besides I had all my documents and Jake was still missing a few. And really I was hoping to get my numbers in so I would not get an IOU from the State of California.

Oh well - so much for that.

Back to the question - jointly or separately? Married filing separately, submit. And then the helpful box pops up - "we recommend jointly." That is nice. After all, it is only a recommendation. At least that is what I thought.

So I filled in all the blanks, checked for errors and then again and then the results page that ruined my beautiful Saturday. I would no longer be able to take advantage of my typical deductions filing separately. This is stupid! Is this a way to lighten the workload for the IRS? Two people on one return instead of one? Whatever!

But it only got worse...

So finally Jake was able to gather all of his documents. We filled in the "jointly" blank, the congratulations on being married box popped up again and then the rest of the fill-in-the-blank boxes. And oh how convenient - the direct deposit account numbers automatically remembered Jake's account numbers from last year and not mine. Just my luck, again.

So there you have it, everyone says whats mine is mine and whats yours is ours. Not really because what is OUR refund will be new carpet in OUR home. And while I like the idea of new carpet in OUR home, a new pair of swanky leather heels and a matching purse was really what I was dreaming of.

For now, I guess I will keep playing the lottery. ~mrs. c

Friday, January 30, 2009

What do you mean its almost February already?

I can't believe all the time that has passed since my last entry. You are probably thinking I have so much to catch you up on! The sad thing is, we have been so busy that I don't think I can remember what we have done. The other thing I am disappointed about is that because we have been so busy I have failed to capture any of these wonderful moments with my camera.

Of course if you are my friend on Facebook, then you have probably seen a few photos, none of which were captured by me of course.

One of the highlights of the last few months was of course our first Christmas as a married couple. However as a young married couple, we spent it on the road traveling to visit family. I know Jake does not enjoy the traveling portion of the holiday and would much rather spend it at home and someday maybe we can. For now however Christmas Eve was spent in Turlock with extended Aguiar family Christmas morning was spent with the immediate Aguiar family - my mom and dad, my sister Chrissy and brother in law Tim, my brother Ricky, my sister family and the newest joy in all of our lives, my nephew Trevor James born December 9. Of course I was able to snap a couple pictures of him.
We traveled to Elk Grove for lunch and to spend Christmas with the Cecil family - Patty, Jake's mom, Jake's brother Justin and sister in law Melody, Jenna, Josh and Mel's parents Bill and Sherri. We had fun watching Jash and Jenna drive their new battery powered 4-wheel drive Christmas presents in the neighborhood. Oh to be 3 and 5 again!

And I have to share this picture. It is my favorite picture of Trevor and Jake. He really is so good with kids and is going to be a fabulous father when we have kids - which for those of you who are wondering - will be soon but not right now. And yes I know, I am not getting any younger.

So what else have we done? And by the way, these are not in chronological order.

1. Worked!

2. Went to Reno twice - and both trips were spontaneous!

3. I oversaw the California Women for Agriculture Convention in Chico and I must say it was a success.

4. Jake's best friends Gregg, Art and Jimmy spent a weekend in the North State duck hunting, laughing and of course eating. This was a fun weekend and I hope we can do it again soon.

5. I attended the California Farm Bureau Convention in Burlingame.

6. We spent New Year's eve with our dear friends Amy & Stacy Gore and their son Jonathon. News Flash - Stacy & Amy have asked Jake and I to be Jonathon's godparents and we are so honored and so excited!

7. Jake went snowmobiling with Stacy and he only fell off twice and did not come home bruised and broken. I guess this was pretty good since he had never rode a sled before.

8. Jake took me to where he grew up - Lompoc - and showed me where his family is from. It was a great weekend!

And probably the one thing that left the longest lasting impression - literally - of the last few months - my eight second bullride on the mechanical bull at Chico's infamous Crazy Horse Saloon. The reason it left the biggest impression is because I had a bruise on my backside the size of Jake's foot for a week and a half! That would be a size 12 for those of you who are even remotely curious. While this was not one of my more intelligent life decisions, it was fun and I don't regret it. The only thing I do regret is that Jake was not there to witness it. But of course there is digital evidence. Who knows, it might make next years Christmas Card.

Since I am on the subject, I have to say my biggest regret of the 2008 holiday was I never wrote our Annual Christmas letter. I had great intentions, really. But who knows - there are many holidays and who know that letter may just arrive in your mailbox, minus the jingle bells.

I hope that everyone is enjoying 2009 despite the state of our economy. Just remember this, at the end of the day, each of us still has our family and each other. Much love to all. ~mrs. c


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