Friday, February 19, 2016

It's more than a window

We've made no secret that as a family we rely on full time childcare since both Jake and I hold full time careers outside of the home. For the last few years we have been so very fortunate to have our preschool right around the corner from our house. This makes drop off and pick up very convienient. Our oldest "graduated" from this program last summer as he started kindergarten in the Fall of 2015. Our youngest, who will be four in March, started at our beloved neighborhood preschool in Decemebr of last year and it has wonderful ever since.

I have so many emotions about child care and preschool and the love and guidance my boys get outside of the home. We are so confident and proud in how they are growing as young boys with our busy and chaotic routine that we call are life. 

Someday I will miss this routine. This week the oldest has no school as they observe a February break. (I will save my opinions on these random week long breaks for another post.) Lucky for us our preschool's program works with children through the age of 7. Many kinders in the local area attend the preschool after their half day kinder class is over. With a little planning, my oldest is allowed to go to preschool with his little brother this week. A lifesaver for this working mom. 

The preschool has a window. But it's not just a window.

You see that window with the little hand on the glass? That hand belongs to my oldest. This window allows the kids to wave to their parents each morning after drop off. Today, and all this week I got to wave to both boys. I realized today that someday I will miss getting this wave from one or both of them. But today I cherish this window, those blown air kisses, and how lucky we are to have such wonderful and skilled childcare providers to help us journey through our life. 

Do you have any special windows in your life? ~mrs. c


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