Saturday, June 11, 2011

Workin' dirt with Dad

Jake spends all week and many weekends farming for a living. Sure it's a job but the difference between this job and most others is farming is a lifestyle more than it is a job. So the fact that Jake chooses to turn more dirt on his days off is no surprise to me or anyone who knows him. You see the dirt for Jake, and for may others like him, is more than dirt. It's tradition, its soothing to the soul and it's what makes him who he is.

Farming is also the thing he hopes to pass on to Clayton as he grows up alongside Jake. On this Saturday Jake wanted to tend to his garden and he did so the old fashioned way. Check out this cool farm implement.

Grow little corn grow!


So maybe Clayton wasn't very helpful but he was happy to sit in the dirt.


This one is here just because I love it.

Of course Clayton never stays put. He wandered off to go and check on Dad's newly planted walnut orchard. Stay tuned for a walnut post soon. Just like Jake and I will watch Clayton grow into a young man, we will follow these little babies on their journey to producing rich California walnuts. Yep, that's right. Growing food is like growing your family, and to us this food is our family, its our life.


  1. Beautiful pictures and words Colleen! I love all that Clayton is already learning about traditions, dirt, farming, walnuts and awesome memories with his parents.

  2. Love the pictures Colleen! Great composition in the shots. My favorite is the B&W close up of Clayton.
    I recall though that I was somewhat chastised once for using the term "dirt" when talking with an NRCS soil scientist in Stanislaus County. To him it was "soil," as if there were an almost religious connotation to the term. Dirt was what you picked up in the vacuum!

  3. I love the little corn row picture... and of course the water ones below! I'm excited for our corn to grow, too! Yea for summer!



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